PERPA Trade Center B Block


The notice and fire alarm system tender for PERPA Trade Center Block B has been concluded. The tender, which was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, was attended by 6 firms that submitted bids and were found eligible by the tender commission. As the tender commission, the PERPA B Block Board of Directors, the officials of the companies participating in the tender, and the flat owners who want to watch the tender came together at the PERPA B Block Mithat Yümlü Meeting Hall. Closed bid envelopes were opened one by one in the presence of all participants and bids were announced without specifying company names. ARTE Technology; It won the project with the Schrack Seconet brand by giving the best price offer for the notice and fire alarm system tender for the PERPA Trade Center Block B, and the contract was signed on June 14, 2021. Warning and fire alarm system installation begin.



In Silivri where locates in Istanbul but far from the chaos of the city; a new “village concept” facility is established spread over 110 decares allocated to trees, flowers, vegetable-fruit gardens, parks, country cafes, walking paths, activity areas, hobby gardens.
The HERDEM Healthy Life Village project which is planned as a small village where you can live comfortably with the sense of safeness, wake up with the beauties of nature, and freely walk in the streets without a vehicle is opening its doors very soon.
As ARTE Technology, we are proud of being a part of this exquisite project regarding the accomplishment of electronic safety and security systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Emergency Call, Intercom.

Esas 01 Burda Shopping Center, Adana


Esas 01 Burda Shopping Center, established on a leasable area of 60,000 square meters; was put into use in Adana on Thursday, November 14th.

This project includes 1.500 square meters of an entertainment area, 2.750 square meters of hypermarket area, 2.000 square meters of the electronic market area, 3.000 square meters of construction market area, 7-room cinema complex, and 2.500 car capacity car park. We installed in this center Fire Detection System with the Schrack Seconet brand.

King Salman Mosque, Maldıves


King Salman Mosque Project in the Maldives with a capacity of six thousand people was installed and put into use the CCTV System with the Dahua brand, the Fire Detection System with the Schrack Seconet brand, and the Emergency Announcement System with the Bosch brand.



North Marmara Highway is a high-standard, safe, high-quality, and continuous transportation investment in the Marmara Region, which connects Asia and Europe and hosts the largest industrial zones of our country. The 4-lane tunnels of the North Marmara Motorway are the widest in the world.
When the connection roads of this highway are completed, the total length will reach 400 kilometers and Edirne-Kınalı-Istanbul-Ankara Highway will be linked Istanbul-Izmir Highway and consequently, Marmara Region will be connected to the Aegean and Central Anatolia Regions so that it will take 1.5 hours from Istanbul to Bursa, 2.5 hours from Istanbul to Eskişehir, and 3.5 hours from Istanbul to Izmir and Ankara.
It is a great pleasure and pride for us to take a part in the tunnels and various other areas with Hirschmann marked network systems.

Tarlabası Urban Renewal Project


In the Tarlabaşı Urban Renewal Project carried out by GAP Construction; we installed and put into use the Fire Detection System with the brand Schrack Seconet from our business partners and the CCTV System with the Wisenet brand. This project was deemed worthy of Europe’s “Best Urban Renewal Project” at the 18th International Property Awards; It includes a total of nine building blocks located in Beyoğlu, one of the most important locations in Istanbul. The face of the region will change with the project consisting of office and residence sections; The historical texture, which is about to disappear, will come to life again.



Skyland Istanbul, one of the iconic buildings of Istanbul, was designed as a mixed structure located in the center of the city with its architecture consisting of three towers and a square that connects these towers. This structure, which has prestigious living standards, provides comfort with smart building technologies and proves that an energy-efficient life is possible, consists of residences and offices.
284 meter Skyland Istanbul, Turkey’s highest building complex; It is the choice of those who want to live a privileged and prestigious life. With its high technology and innovative plan, this structure, which has been designed with every detail, offers a luxurious life in Seyrantepe with the modern perspective it brings to life.
As ARTE Technology; In this project, we have established “Emergency Call”, “CCTV” and “Access Control” systems with Schrack Seconet, Pelco, and Schneider Electric brands. It is of great importance for us to take part in Skyland Istanbul with these systems that we are sure of their quality and that we will not compromise on this issue.

Okan University Hospital, Istanbul


Istanbul Okan University Hospital, which is an easily accessible health center, closely follows the developing technology due to its corporate culture and provides services to make patient satisfaction and service quality sustainable with its patient-oriented approach. The hospital was built on a closed area of ​​50 thousand square meters, more than 500 employees, more than 100 lecturers and physicians, 250-bed capacity, 10 operating rooms, and an intensive care unit with 47 beds for newborns, pediatric and adults, fully equipped with its technological infrastructure. serves as a general hospital.

In our Okan University Hospital Project, we established Fire Detection and Nurse Call Systems under the Schrack Seconet brand, CCTV System with Pelco brand, and Access Control with Schneider brand. We are happy and proud to meet the expectations of our valued customers, who follow the latest technology and quality, with brands that adopt quality as a principle.

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